Creative Suite 3 Components
Acrobat_8_Mnemonic.psd Acrobat 8.0 Professional [48]
ae_appicon.psd After Effects CS3 Professional [38]
ct_appicon.psd Contribute CS3 [6]
dw_appicon.psd Dreamweaver CS3 [24]
en_appicon.psd Encore CS3 [9]
fw_appicon.psd Fireworks CS3 [24]
fl_appicon.psd Flash CS3 Professional [31]
ai_appicon.psd Illustrator CS3 [61]
id_appicon.psd InDesign CS3 [43]
ps_appicon.psd Photoshop CS3 (Extended) [31]
pr_appicon.psd Premiere Pro CS3 [12]
sb_appicon.psd Soundbooth CS3 [2]

Additional CS3
Features and Services
acrobat_connect_appicon_final.psd Acrobat Connect
br_appicon.psd Bridge CS3 [14]
dc_appicon.psd Device Central CS3 [1]
DL.pdf Dynamic Link
ol_appicon.psd OnLocation
stockphoto_id.psd Stock Photos [1]
ul_appicon.psd Ultra CS3
version_cue_appicon.psd Version Cue CS3 [12]

created by 05/2007,
thanks to Joachim Karl arranging the icons in an more logical way.